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Brazil is a culturally rich country, recognized by its diversity, that provides lots of inspiration to our products.

The creation process of a collection must be coherent and contemplate the following aspects: consumer profile, brand image or design, concept theme and material proposal. The development of these products is also given by the coordination of the collection, that combines colors, raw materials, modeling and confection, with the purpose to assure that every step is, effectively, giving value to the composition, checking out with the fashion articles in Brazil.

It can be pointed that these products look to characterize fashion in Brazil, print our identity or DNA, that has a diversity in culture almost inexhaustible. That allows the creation of the products with a touch of Brazilian reality.


This is the foundation of our collections.

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Image by Kiana Bosman



Image by Jen Theodore



Image by Anastasiya Pavlova

11.5 +

Teens / Injetados

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