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Proud to be a Shoemaker

“We've had united forces to conquer new markets,

generating sustainable businesses.”

About Us

The brand "ALLS", was born of a group formed by 12 companies from the city of Birigui, the "Alliance Shoes", where we share knowledge, emotions and solutions.
We come together around a common goal creating a unique brand (ALLS), because we understand that together we can overcome the difficulties and generate benefits for all involved. And so, create a way to increase job creation and community income, focusing on improving competitiveness
management to ensure "sustainability".

We believe in what we do, we apply love and knowledge, we understand that producing shoes is an art. The creation of our products is based on many researches, respecting every need that a child’s feet deserves to its development.

We know that those hands that produce our shoes today, will provide the shoes for future generations. That is the reason why we are commited to quality and design.

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Alliance Shoes is associated to SINBI - The Footwear Regional Association of Birigui. Birigui, a city located in the heart of Sao Paulo State, is known as “The Brazilian Capital of Children’s footwear”, existing with the purpose to elevate the union and competition of our companies.

Our action is based on bringing the best of knowledge to the entrepreneurs of the region. To guarantee that the history of the children’s footwear in the region, that started in 1958, is kept and preserved, we seek to always keep pace with innovation and technology, guaranteeing that our products bring quality and creativity to the feet of every child using them.

We are proud in taking care of our child’s feet, bringing dreams, adventures, fun and protection.

Geographical Indication

The registry of Geographical Indication (G.I.) is given to products or services that are characteristic of its location of origin, which gives the product reputation, intrinsic value and  own identity, also distinguishing in relation to its similar available in the market.

We are in the final steps to obtaining Origin Certification in our products.


The Latin Capital of

Children's Shoes

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Our Development Survey, carried out every year by Sinbi with the aim of monitoring the local growth of the sector, points out that, in 2019, the footwear companies in Birigui produced around 42 million pairs of shoes in the year, which corresponds to 171 thousand pairs per day. Of this total, 5.5% was exported. Total revenue was around R$ 1.37 billion. The sector was also responsible for generating 13,000 direct jobs. These data correspond only to the production information of the associated companies that answered the survey.

Population of Birigui: 119,536 inhabitants (last census of the IBGE-Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) - Source: website / (Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti)

Number of companies in the pole: 350 (approximately)

Jobs created in 2019: 13,000

Pairs of shoes produced in 2019: 42 million

Production exported in 2019: 5.55%

Image Credits: Foxdrone

Image Credits: Birigui Museum

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Our Commitment

Commitment to serve and give the best to children’s feet.

To guarantee the best forchild’s footwear, our products are totally aligned with the needs that assure foot health, continuously innovating through new technologies, specialized professionals and the improvement of technical standards.

The choice for a child shoe is not limited to beauty but also conformity, comfort, and safety that respects every step of children’s development. Our shoes are tested in technical labs and endures different analysis to guarantee the Alliance Shoes quality. We are commited to serve and give the best to children’s feet.

Our People

Respect, Productive Inclusion and Technological Networks

Our management is focused in our people, we act to support our employees,so they become the true agents of transformation.

We invest in education and qualification, which makes them feel part of the whole picture. We believe this effort guarantees the quality we wish for our products. Our team have skills and commitment, so we can offer our best, and that is our way to act like a TEAM.

Image by Aaron Burden


Sustainability, Intelligent Waste Management and Care for our Nature

Alliance Shoes group is committed to operate with responsible practices of labor and manufacturing, always respecting the environment.


Solid residues: Every residue generated by our activities is properly disposed and processed by specialized environment companies, totally capable and certified to receive and treat such residues. 

We are aligned

to the 2030 Agenda!

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